Prerequisites for MorphoManager (click here)

Morpho Manager

For SIGMA/SIGMA Lite/MWC Products


( 64 Bit  Only )

Morpho Tool Box 4.4.1

use with Morpho Products

Morpho Tools

use with J-Reader/MA500(EOL)

MSO Driver

use with MSO

CCure Button


Morpho License Manager

use with MSO Licence upgrade

Morpho QuickLoader

use with J-Reader/MA500(EOL)

*******************************Secure Admin EOL----Secure Admin Lite EOL----Veri Admin EOL----MEMS EOL*******************************

We do NOT support Virtual Machines with Secure Admin or Secure Admin Lite

*** Please do not install Software off a Flash Drive with Secure Admin or Secure Admin Lite software***

O/S support for Secure Admin (click here)

For Legacy version of Secure Admin/Lite software (click here)

***For Software combinations (Click here)***

Secure Admin

use with 4G readers

Secure Admin Lite

use with 4G Lite readers

Veri Admin 7.5.1

use with 2G and 3G readers


Mems 7.3.2

use with Morpho Terminals