We do NOT support Virtual Machines with Secure Admin or Secure Admin Lite

*** Please do not install Software off a Flash Drive with Secure Admin or Secure Admin Lite software***

Operation software for Secure Admin and Secure Admin Lite

Support the following Operation systems (click here)

For Legacy version of Secure Admin/Lite software (click here)

Operation software for Morpho Manager

Prerequisites for MorphoManager (click here)

***For Software combinations (Click here)***

Secure Admin

use with 4G readers

Secure Admin Lite

use with 4G Lite readers

Veri Admin 7.5.1

use with 2G and 3G readers


Mems 7.3.2

use with Morpho Terminals

Morpho Manager 14.3.0

For SIGMA/SIGMA Lite/MWC Products


( 64 Bit  Only )

Morpho Tool Box 4.2.3

use with Sigma and Morpho Products

Morpho Tools

use with J-Reader/MA500

MSO Driver

use with MSO