Please contact the following for all your sales inquiries

North America Sales

For all North America inquiries regarding, pricing, model numbers, partner sourcing, application assistance and
lead time, please phone 1-800-444-0496.

For all North America purchase order inquiries and submissions, please contact Victor Bennett  @ 714-238-2088.

For any US Accounts Payables or Accounts Receivables inquiries, please contact Sarah Conlon  @
Sarah Conlon or (253)680-6917.

Assistance outside of North America

For all Pre-Sales support, please contact Andrew McCartney @ or Stephane
Pottier @ Stephane.Pottier

For any order inquiries outside of North America, contact: +33 (0)1 58 11 88 39.

For any other request, please contact Valerie Boudenan @ or +33 1 58 11 87